More of Me

photography of women wearing strip shirt
Photo by Paul Bonafide Eferianor on


You know I wish I had a cloning machine

Where I could step in and step out and poof there were more of me

So I didn’t have to depend on anyone but myself

Knowing that I could help me even if everybody else left


When I could have whole conversations about my life

Not constantly trying to bury my invariable pain and strife

And maybe sit back and relax, enjoy me some us time

Because when they get home, they want to spend us some we time


Maybe I’ll create two of me one, a genius, dedicated to doing my work

While I let the other, real me, chill and relax and maybe twerk, just a little

Or maybe three so I can send that one to hang with friends

So the real me never has to worry about walking on eggshells again


Possibly four or five and maybe they’ll be a lot of fun

So I can make a line of all my haters and beat they ass one by one

A six and seven never really crossed my mind

I guess that’s because only five of me should be full of pride


But maybe, just maybe I can be who I am

And say fuck you if you don’t like me, bitch, I don’t give a damn

And sit back and relax and enjoy my life’s show

Because as the one and only me, creating another one is just not a good way to go


So I’ll suck it up, and fall into the sturdiness of my life’s net

And maybe, just when the beautiful sun is about to set

I look in the mirror and draw an S on my chest

To symbolize how strong I am and that this model is the best


And realize damn I won’t need a cloning machine again

Because only I, me, can be who I am.

-N.D. Johnson

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