Morning Tea

photography of blue ceramic coffee cup
Photo by Lisa Fotios on

I made myself tea this morning

Lemon honey tea to be exact and it was warm to the touch

I sat in the dark holding my tea, coddling it for a while

Just to make sure it knew it was special to me

I don’t always make tea and sometimes even buy it store bought

But today, I took the time to slowly craft my tea for me

Made sure it was the right temperature

Added sweetness to taste

And stirred and stirred until tea and the sweetness were one

I didn’t even have to blow on it to take a sip

And oh my how it warmed my insides

I could feel it coursing through and hear it sloshing in my ear

Man, this may have been the best tea I’ve had in a while

And it’s too bad that it’s gone too soon

I guess I’ll just savor the memory

Of the morning I made myself tea

-N.D. Johnson

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