The Eye

person with body painting
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on

I feel like I have a rock in my eye

not a little one that can be rubbed away

a larger rock, like a bolder that’s here to stay

I don’t understand where it came from

its as if it appeared on me, the only one

not like pink eye when my entire face is concealed

more giant bolder rubbing on my eyelid

I just wish for this blemish to go away

so I can get back to the things of my regular days

not constantly rubbing trying to make it escape

or forever throwing water in it to drown it away

true be told that I just might have a problem

I just don’t know if this eye issue is meant for me to cry them

for them to flow like a river from tear ducts

maybe even cleanse me of the madness and my bad luck

maybe the eye is but a sign

saying that my mind is going blind

-N.D. Johnson

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