Simple Life

I don’t want to have a simple life

The kind where I pay my bills, struggle with debt and microwave ramen every third Saturday to keep from cooking

I just don’t want to have a simple life

The type where I just worry about surviving to the next check just to check that I’m still alive and complaining

Which means I don’t want to live a simple life

That has no kind of adventure and no substance, friends that all blur together and meals that seem to all be the same flavor

Because a simple life isn’t living

I’ll accept the complexity that is me, the walking contradiction I always seem to be and make sure that me, myself, and I go on adventures all the time

‘Cause I am done with that simple life!

I’ve seen how the predictability becomes so predictable that tomorrow is just a mirror of yesterday that today just copied

And how, somehow, the -taniety loses it spon- and every little hope and dream withers away to nothing like dust in the wind

So fuck that simple life, I’ll take my complexity any day!

-N.D. Johnson

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

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