I Own You!


In your body, I crept

Keeping silent so that you were the only person who knew,

My fuel like fire and that constant reminder

That you’re being watched by your friends, by your family

By everyone you ever knew!

But silent I stayed, still creeping and aching.


Your body is now my home,

And your flesh…your flesh belongs to me now!

And for a while, only you knew I crept


Only you knew the vain delight that plagues your

Soul, but now…I will no longer be silent!

 I will raise my fists in power,

In immortality!


I will be invincible,

I am what plagues your very existence

I am what kills you inside!

You have no power, I own you,

I control you! I am master!


Do you care that you’re hurting the people around you?

Do you care that I am the new you?

Do you care at all?

Have you shame not?


I am your demise, no longer a drug

I am now your friend, no longer a foe

You need me in you


I am your heart

I am your brain

I am your blood


You can’t you live without me?

I will forever be in you?

 And now…I OWN YOU!


-N.D. Johnson

Photo by Dmitry Ermakov on Unsplash

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