A Gift

close up of hand over white background
Photo by Lum3n.com on Pexels.com

Write…a five letter word that conquers all. One that knows no boundaries. Whether it be the darkest skin color compared to its pale counterpart, a lack of worldly knowledge that allows you to see pass mother’s fabrications, or even the exploration of the ideas that you left behind in the sandbox when mother called you in for dinner…the embellishment of thoughts on paper is the gift that will forever keep giving…

An endowment that is rarely obtained by the most influential of speakers, leaders, and knowledge seekers but to some, the gift has been placed deep within your minds, tucked away like little toy soldiers awaiting a battle or crime to solve and conquer…

Wash out the mind’s eye and explore infinite possibilities like “what if dogs could really talk” and “what if the United States could finally mind its own business.” And maybe even create the utopias that loom in the imagination to share with others like our brothers that stay locked in holes with no windows or doors praying that their “nine to five” shift will end…

Many years of gathering the untold stories that were trapped in the subconscious of an old Shaman, medicine man, who spit the healing legends of his people into the minds of the up and coming hoping that his message will sink in deep enough to penetrate the dark souls they were born with. And maybe they’ll place those tales on paper for others to see…

A way to discover a new world, a way of life that brings depth to a society of rancid humans too dead inside or full pride to live for future generations…

Like many of you who have sheltered your children away from television screens and fiction film fantasies but have let the world’s literature slip through the cracks of your eternal walls, allowing your children to explore worlds beyond the box they’re kept in…

Much like humanity, writing is an outlet that helps express the pain, hurt, sorrow, joy, fear, anger, sadness, disgust, trust, anticipation, surprise, and envy that humans experience on a day to day basis like, without pain, pleasure wouldn’t exist…

Because through black symbols on white papyrus you can speak your mind, through fantasy fiction you can live your dreams, and through research, you can tell it like it is!

Writing is not only the gift that keeps giving; it is an eternal fire that will never die out in the hearts of true writers. Even when your time is done, it will continue to live on and inspire the uninspired.

-N.D. Johnson

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