Who Poisoned Me?

purple liquid poison on brown wooden surface
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I feel sick

Like I ate something I wasn’t supposed to too

But how can that be when I was the one who cooked it?

I put in all of the ingredients myself

Convincing me I could eat these two things together

That they would complement each other

Tasted good going in

But the moment I laid down to rest

It struck me over the head like a hammer

Spewing out like oil as thick as tar

And now here I am


Poisoned by my own doing

I kept playing it over and over again in my head

What could I have possibly mixed in that would eat me from the inside out

I sat up in the bed holding myself for comfort

Because let’s face it, mom can’t help me now

How could I poison myself?

I guess next time I’ll be sure to read the expiration dates

Instead of convincing myself that because it says non-perishable

It’d be safe to blindly let him into my body.

-N.D. Johnson

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