N.D. Johnson


Storytelling …is a universal form of communication. Whether it be orally, through actions or, in my case, words on the page, it is an art form that changes the world daily. I am a storyteller. I imagine great worlds far beyond this one, where the people have their own language, sense of ideas and the air even smells better. It’s through the generation of a story that I can find my happy, my peace, and my reality. However, there is also a dark side. I can’t very well have the good without the bad. It requires me to face real-world problems like abuse, and poverty, and rape and, everything else man has done to shape the world to what is today, head on to show other people that these are conversations that we need to have. But first, I start the conversation with myself.

Storytelling entices us to think and consider alternative ideas that we otherwise would cast aside and as a storyteller, it is my duty to share these anecdotes with as many people as possible. Inspiration starts on the inside and it is contagious- infecting person after person causing us to strive for that better tomorrow. It is as a storyteller that I have found my way to communicate the ideas that will help shape this world for the coming generations. Stories inspire people for generation after generation, pushing us to find the truth and allowing us to learn the lessons of the past. I am stirring inside to tell the stories that will open our minds to a world of wonder and make the impossible possible. I need people to think. I need them to consider things beyond what we already know. But most of all, I need them to listen to my story.

I enjoy connecting and exploring ideas with my peers so please, shoot me a message and we can start a dialogue!

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